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The only clamp for thick, curly hair on the market! PuffCuff is not a banana clip. Made with a durable high impact-resistant plastic and designed with a contour fit, this hair accessory is a must-have. PuffCuff's wide mouth is specially crafted to accommodate thick hair without cinching tightly while maintaining comfort. The short teeth and hook closure allow it to stay securely in place. PuffCuff is an awesome alternative to the rubber and elastic bands that tug and rip hair each time they're worn and removed. This unisex hair clamp will not cause hair breakage or damage, and it works with all types of thick hair— including dread locs, twists and braids.

Measurements are from left outside edge to right outside edge when hair clamp is closed.

  • Height: 5.375 inches
  • Width: 4.875 inches
  • Depth: .75 inches
  • Gross weight: .8 ounce
  • Net weight: .6 ounce
  • Color: black
  • Material: lightweight, high impact-resistant ABS plastic - Marks may appear on the surface of the PuffCuff. These marks are NOT scratches or indicate the product has been used. The marks are called "flow lines" (ripples where the plastic overlaps) this sometimes happens with ABS plastic. These ripples occur when the plastic doesn't flow into the injection molding machine at a constant pace, or it can happen at the end of the flow. This in no way affects the integrity of the PuffCuff.
  • Package includes: 1 pc

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  1. Awesome review by Naturally Chanel on 12/12/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I love this puff cuff for my daughter it makes lazy hair days so easy when we gotta go in a it's fuss and pain free so she loves it too

  2. I Love It!! review by michele on 12/8/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I have very thick, curly hair and the PuffCuff makes styling so much easier. No more pulling my hair out with elastics that never stay in place. Great invention!!!!

  3. Finally!!! review by Yvette on 11/17/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I have 3C/4A fine, low density, high porosity natural hair past my shoulders. When I've used my puffcuff it feels like there's nothing in my hair. I've even used it to pineapple my hair at night. This is huge for me because I suffer with fibromyalgia and at times wearing ANY hair accessories hurts. Therefore I've spent a lot of money trying to find a hair band etc... that wouldn't hurt and that I couldn't feel it while I was wearing it. And now I've finally found it, my puffcuff!!

  4. pretty good review by Kristin on 11/13/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I use my PuffCuff on a DAILY basis! When I go out of town I pack it, that's if it's not already on my head lol. The only thing I would improve on is the lever part that snags my hair out at times.

  5. I wear this daily review by Neesey on 11/8/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I have been wearing this clip everyday since I got it in the mail! I like playing around with how high and low I place it on my head and like it with both wet hair and dry hair... Definitely my new go to hair accessory but I want to try the junior size next.

  6. New Go-to product review by Antasha on 10/16/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I love the Puff Cuff! It's so versatile! It makes the best puff and it doesn't give me a headache like too tight hair bands do. I would love to see some videos on the website or youtube channel of all the different styles the creator and other people have made using a combination of multiple size puff cuffs. I think we can get really creative!

  7. I really like it. review by Phyllis on 8/11/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    It is comfortable. It does not pull tight on my hairline and it still keeps my hair all together.

  8. Wrong size for my hair review by Liselle on 8/5/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I bought this cuff with alot of excitement, when i tried it I found it was too big for my hair and as such my hair did not make a nice puff. I am considering buying a smaller size . My hair also tangled in the comb while I was trying to remove it .

  9. Perfect Puff review by Kim on 7/19/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I was so excited coming across the website for the PuffCuff on July 13, 2016. I started going natural in February 2010 and wore my hair either in two-strand twists, curly, or the "bunny tail" puff, using an elastic band. Needless to say, I ordered the Original PuffCuff and couldn't wait for it to arrive. All I can say is I LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️. I had no difficulty putting the PuffCuff on whatsoever. The instructions were very easy to understand. I even laid down with the PuffCuff and could hardly tell it was there. It's very lightweight and very sturdy. The best part is, it's made in the great U.S.A

  10. Love it all the way! review by Laverne on 7/18/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I this for my 10 year old daughter and it's amazing. Best investment I've made in her hair.

  11. Never Leave Home Without It review by Ellen on 6/12/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I've had my puff cuff about a year. It is easy to use and helps to keep my hair neat when I wear it up. I like this better than the bands. I never leave home without one of my puff cuffs.

  12. Much better than expected... review by Canitra on 5/30/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I purchased this without getting my hopes up as I have found with many other purchases I expected more than I got. I was surprised that this worked out just as stated. It does take a little time to get my sides smoothed but this is the same with any item so that is to be expected but it holds my high puff just as I want it. I'm thinking about purchasing the smaller ones for my daughter to try out.

  13. Proved Me Wrong review by Alyssa on 5/17/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    In the beginning I didn't think it would be durable but it has lasted 3 months with me and counting! Its easy to use and allows me to rock different styles. It doesn't give me headaches like the large headbands I use to use to put my hair in a puff, which is excellent.

  14. A Very Great Product. review by Michelle on 5/8/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I'm 53 years old and have decided to grow out my natural hair. Well PuffCuff has been my personal hair saviour. It tames and controls my thick and gray hair completely. I love it so much. Thanks for such a great and needed product.

  15. LOVE IT!! review by Adiaha on 5/8/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I love my Puff Cuffs and have given several to friends and family. They remind me of the Afro Puff clamps we used back in the 80s but with a much sleeker design for 4b and 4c hair with numerous size options. Thank you for creating this wonderful product!

  16. It didn't fit review by Donna on 5/7/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I got my hair chopped off to start over so I got a medium one and it didn't fit... I will try a large

  17. this thing is fire review by CYNTHIA on 5/5/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I so love my puff cuff. I could never figure out how to get a decent puff with hair bands. They never stayed where I wanted them. But this makes getting a puff easy! so glad this exists

  18. I love it!!! review by Tamika on 5/4/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    It makes putting my hair up so much easier. Just one clip and I'm done. No more tying or wrapping headbands around my head!

  19. I am in love with my PuffCuff! review by Gabby on 5/3/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    The PuffCuff is perfect for everyday wear especially is your having trouble getting your natural styles to set the way you want. The PuffCuff is an easy tool and should define be added to every Curly Girls list of Holy Grails!

  20. I'm really amaze about the product.... I love because now I don't have to worry about rubberbands pulling me and my daughter's hair.... plus it's made for black women!!! #werock!!! review by Stephanie on 5/3/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    PuffCuff!! Is one product that is great to use.. very convenient for me and my daughter .... I think it would be a gift to give the women in my family!!!

  21. Champion for 4C hair review by Lois on 3/2/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    Love my PuffCuff. Never thought it would work, but it did. And it holds better than any other hair band. No pain and stays in place. I need to buy another before my daughter steals it. Thank you for such a great product.

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