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PuffCuff Junior is a slightly smaller version of our original 5” inch PuffCuff! PuffCuff Jr is perfect for those with less hair density and those wanting more styling options than what can be achieved with the original 5” PuffCuff. PuffCuff is not a banana clip. Made with a durable high impact-resistant plastic and designed with a contour fit, this hair accessory is a must-have. PuffCuff's wide mouth is specially crafted to accommodate thick hair without cinching tightly while maintaining comfort. The short teeth and hook closure allow it to stay securely in place. This unisex hair clamp will not cause hair breakage or damage, and it works with all types of thick hair—including dread locs, twists and braids.

Measurements are from left outside edge to right outside edge when hair clamp is closed.

  • Height: 3.75 inches
  • Width: 3.125 inches
  • Depth: .75 inches
  • Gross weight: < 1 ounce
  • Net weight: .4 ounce
  • Color: black
  • Material: lightweight, high impact-resistant ABS plastic - Marks may appear on the surface of the PuffCuff. These marks are NOT scratches or indicate the product has been used. The marks are called "flow lines" (ripples where the plastic overlaps) this sometimes happens with ABS plastic. These ripples occur when the plastic doesn't flow into the injection molding machine at a constant pace, or it can happen at the end of the flow. This in no way affects the integrity of the PuffCuff.
  • Package includes: 2 pcs

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  1. The Best for my Baby Girl review by Chamicqua on 1/3/2017
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I love love love the puffcuff. It shows the fullness of my baby girls hair without pulling on her edges. She has 4b/4c type hair and her puffs get many compliments from everyone. I always tell them to get the puffcuff because it keeps the hair in place without a hassle.

  2. Amazing review by sophia on 12/25/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    What I love about the Puff Cuff is it did not pull my hair, straighten or tangle my curls. It also, let the fullness of my curly pony flow and appear longer than usual!! So pleased, will be ordering again soon in diff sizes.

  3. Great!!! review by michele on 12/8/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I tried the jumbo size first and it's great for one big puff but the smaller ones are good for creating different looks. I like to leave a little hair out in the front and use the smaller PuffCuff to create a simple but very cute updo.

  4. I LOVE IT!! review by Christina on 8/5/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I didn't expect to love this as much as I do. So many times I'd want to wear a cute, curly ponytail but scrunchies/rubber bands would make it either too tight or not tight enough- and break my hair off to boot. I was a big fan of the banana clip but this is so much better! Never too tight or too loose. Flat so if I happen to fall asleep with it in my hair, it doesn't hurt my head. I can finally wear my hair up without ending the day with a bad headache.

  5. Love It!! review by Bridget on 7/25/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I love these puffcuff hair clamps! I was so glad to have stumble across them online. They are very easy to use and gives your hair puff a nice full look. I highly recommend this hair clamp it is a great product! I plan to purchase another one to give to my sister. I am sure she will love it as well!! Thanks for such a great hair clamp.

  6. Love it!!! :) review by Kisha on 7/17/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I was scared at first I wasn't sure if i ordered the right size but I went by your size chart and it was spot on!! It took me 2 times to get the cuff right and I really like it!! I want to use it on vacation so it is perfect!! This is a must have for any natural!!

  7. I'm in love!!! review by Shaunda on 7/17/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I was excited to find out that the company came out with other sizes because my hair isn't thick enough for the original cuff. But when I received my order, initially I was disappointed, thinking that it would be too small. But after using it in my hair I was shocked at just how well it holds my hair together. The junior is great for women with medium density hair, like me. :D

  8. They are so comfortable review by Kalita on 7/16/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I rocked the junior puff cuff with my afro puffs. They where so comfortable to wear to bed(now head aches). All I did at night was wrap a scarf around my head. Then after couple of days I switched from 2 puffs to 1 puff and NO hair was in the puff cuff. This is a wonderful product to have, I love it!

  9. Quality of Product review by NaturallyLaLa on 5/17/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    What really attracted me to this product was the quality of the material. The metal link is secure, it keeps the clip from popping and my hair from slipping out. Additionally, I appreciate the options in sizes to choose from.

  10. too small review by Michele on 5/9/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    They were smaller then I would have liked them to be but when I put my daughters hair in 2 ponytails it was great!!! She loved the fact she could rock her curls out and not have a hair thing giving her a headache. I will order the big one to put it all in one ponytail!

  11. Love it! review by India on 5/3/2016
    1 star = HATE IT > > > 5 stars = LOVE IT

    I could never seem to get it right when I tried to wear a half-up style. A ponytail holder just pulled the front too tightly, and I was left with a ball atop my head (like the pompom on a winter hat). This PuffCuff Junior is a problem solver! It allows my puff to maintain fullness for a very cute finished look.

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