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Welcome to PuffCuff’s Press Room. We look forward to working with representatives from all types of media outlets. We have staff ready to work with you to respond to your media requests.

If you represent a media outlet with regional, national or international reach, ask us about our product, our history and our current initiatives. We can also arrange for an interview with our company founder.

For media inquiries, contact


Q: Is PuffCuff one word or two?
PuffCuff is ONE word with a uppercase P and a uppercase C.

Q: How do I schedule an interview with a spokesperson for PuffCuff?
Our company founder, Ceata Lash, is available for interviews about the PuffCuff. Please send your interview request to for our team to review. We will follow up within 72 business hours.

Q: How should I write out the word “PuffCuff” when using it in an article?
Please ensure that the letter “p” is capitalized and the letter “c” is capitalized in all written communication regarding the PuffCuff. PuffCuff is always one word. There is no space between the word “Puff” and “Cuff”.

Q: Where is PuffCuff sold?
PuffCuff is currently only sold on our company website

Q: Where do I submit a request for PuffCuff to sponsor my event?
Please visit our sponsorship page to review our requirements. If you meet our sponsorship criteria, please complete the form and someone from our team will follow up with you.

Q: I am a television producer and would like to obtain B-roll footage featuring your company. How do I do this?
PuffCuff has several B-roll and demo videos available on our YouTube page. However, we can put together a custom B-roll video upon request. Please email to submit your request and provide a date on when the footage is needed and acceptable file types.

Q: How do I keep up with events PuffCuff participates in?
Please visit the Events page of our website. We keep our events calendar updated frequently, and it lists past events and future events that we will attend. If you would like to know when PuffCuff is participating in national or international trade shows, please join our press release distribution list.

Q: How do I get onto your press release distribution list?
Send an email to and we will include you on our list that is exclusive to journalists and media.


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