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How many hair clamps has your curly hair broken? Well, no more! Finally, there’s a hair clamp that can handle the challenge of thick, textured hair. Meet the PuffCuff, a “remix” of the banana clip, uniquely designed to hold and style even the thickest of thick hair!

The PuffCuff’s unique teeth are designed to lock into the texture or curl of your hair and hold the clamp in place, NOT to glide through the hair like a comb or banana clip. While the concept may be similar to the old "banana clip,” the PuffCuff functions differently by working with your hair instead of against it.

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The PuffCuff Hair Clamp was developed from a simple idea: Create a tool that not only makes it easy to achieve stylish looks without stressing your hair or causing pain but one that is sanitary, durable and affordable too. So, what does that look like? The models you see here are all everyday people with various hair types wearing the PuffCuff.

What makes us different?

Let’s face it. Most accessories are for straight hair. And, unlike curly hair, straight hair only comes in one type: straight. After years of searching for an accessory to accommodate thick, textured hair, we created the PuffCuff. It works with a variety of hair types from 2A to 4C, whether curly, textured or wavy. Our PuffCuff allows you to create many beautiful hairstyles without cinching your hair to the smallest point of resistance or damaging it.

Sound special? It is. You won’t find PuffCuff at your local big box store. This one-of-a-kind clamp is only available online. And YES, we offer international shipping for a rate of $5.99 USD for all orders totaling over $50 USD.

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TO USE: If you have very thick hair, you may want to dampen your hair with water or your favorite hair product. Start by gathering your hair as if creating a ponytail. While holding your hair with one hand, INSERT (we stress INSERT) the teeth of one arm of the PuffCuff into your hair at the base of your puff, as close to the scalp as possible. While still holding gathered hair, use your free hand to insert teeth of the opposite arm into the hair on the opposite side of your head. It's important NOT to let go of your gathered hair yet. Once both arms are inserted into the hair at the base of puff, push arms together overlapping the hooks. Gently pull arms in opposite direction to interlock hooks and close the clamp. Now let go of gathered hair!


Elastic and rubber bands pull and tug the hair shaft, creating too much traction and stressing the hair follicle. They are simply BAD for your hair, period! Not PuffCuff. Since the PuffCuff stays in place, it’s much gentler, reduces breakage and promotes healthy, strong hair.

Are you an athlete and exercise enthusiast?

PuffCuff is the perfect accessory for your workout. Because it’s made of a homogeneous plastic, it’s more sanitary than other sports headbands yet lightweight and durable. It stays in place with no pressure while keeping your hair out of your face. You’ll forget the PuffCuff is even in your hair!

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Does your child have a tender head and squirm at the sight of you trying to gather her thick hair into an elastic band? The PuffCuff is much gentler to use. Now kids and teens can quickly style their hair in a fashionable puff for school or any occasion. Made of durable plastic, the PuffCuff’s unique design keeps hair contained and stays closed, even during lots of activity. For smaller sizes—PuffCuff Junior, PuffCuff Mini and PuffCuff Micro are AVAILABLE NOW!

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No more clamps that aren't made for your hair type

PuffCuff allows you to create a beautiful hairstyles without cinching your hair to the smallest point of resistance, damaging it or causing pain.

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